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NBC Poll

April 25, 2024

The Details

1. 41% of U.S. college students say Hamas deserves blame for the October 7 attack, down from 52% who said the same in the previous poll taken in mid-October.

  • 27% now believe Israel deserves blame for the Hamas attack, up from 11% in October.

  • 12% blame other Middle Eastern governments for the attack (unchanged from the last poll), and 20% say they blame someone else (down from 25% last October).

2. 63% of U.S. college students describe the October 7 attack as an act of terrorism by Hamas, compared to 67% in the previous poll.

3. 20% said they see the attack as justified resistance by Hamas, up from 12% last October.

Key Takeaways

The share of U.S. college students who blame Hamas for the Oct. 7 attack on Israel has declined by more than 10 percentage points in the last six months

The percentage of U.S. college students who think Hamas' actions on October 7 were justified has almost doubled, compared to the last poll in October.

The share of U.S. college students who describe the October 7 events as an act of terrorism are down slightly from six months ago.


The Generation Lab poll of 1,392 two- and four-year college students was conducted April 23, and the survey has an overall margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.

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