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Earlier Polls

October-November, 2023


We have been reviewing public opinion polls about Israel since the war broke out. Click on "View Source" below to download a PDF that summarizes the polls until December 1, 2023.

Key Takeaways

The world sees that Israel is the victim in this story. The reclaiming of the victim narrative by Israel is holding strong.

Public opinion about Israel is far better than the pro-Israel community feels, except for the younger generations. We need to be less emotional about how to manage Israel's narrative during the war, and trust the data.

In the short-term, Gen Z is not the greatest concern; but. in the long term it is. For now, maintain focus on Millennials and older generations, but don't lose sight of the long-term challenge with Gen Z'ers. 

The Details

  1. Support for Israel leaped after October 7th, and leveled out by November without dipping back to pre-October 7th levels.

  2. As time went by and images from Gaza emerged, as expected - people became more critical of Israel.

  3. Right from the outset, Gen Z posed a major challenge for Israel and it became apparent that their world-view is markedly different to those of the older generations.

  4. The most compelling message to maintain empathy and support for Israel remains the Hostage Crisis.

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