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YouGov UK Tracker

January 2024


YouGov UK has a bi-annual tracker that asks approximately 1,700 Brits over the age of 18, one question: “Thinking only of the continuing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, do your own sympathies lie more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?”.

The latest results from January 14, 2024, indicate that support for Israel has not decreased dramatically since they shot up immediately after October 7, from 10% in July, 2023, to 20% support in October.

Key Takeaways

Support for Israel amongst British people remains surprisingly high, considering the efforts by the pro-Hamas / pro-Palestinian movements to influence the public there.

However, we are seeing a “leak” from those who previously had no interest in the conflict (answered “don’t know”), towards the Palestinian side, on account of sympathy for Israel. This “bleed” should be stopped before it becomes a hemorrhage.  

The problem remains very much amongst youngsters, who are drawn to the anti-Israel narrative and are being swept along in the undercurrent of increased hatred towards Israel. In the long-term, British Gen Z’ers and Millennials are a cause for concern for Israel and much attention should be aimed at getting them to appreciate the complex conditions Israel is operating within.

The Details

1. Support for Israel remains constant, support for the Palestinians is bouncing back to higher than it was before October 7. But 2 in 3 Brits don’t know or support neither.

  • Comparing from July 2023, support for Israel remains almost double what it had since 2019 – 19% in January, 2024. Support for the Palestinians dropped dramatically immediately after October 7, from 23% to 17% but has since bounced back even higher to 27%.

  • The support for the Palestinians seems to come from those who previously answered “I don’t know”, and some from those who said they support “neither”.

  • In other words – the Palestinian messaging is reaching those who have to date not had any opinion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

2. Trends amongst Gen Z and Millennials in the UK mirror those in America.

  • Only 11% of Gen Z’ers and 12% of Millennials support Israel;

  • Support for the Palestinians now at an all-time high, with of 44% of Gen Z’ers and 31% of Millennials squarely on their side;

  • 20% of British Gen Z’ers and 25% of Millennials say they support neither, and 25% of Gen Z’ers and 32% of Millennials say they don’t know who they support.

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