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May 8-10, 2024

The Details

1. Sympathies for either side remain static, with demographic gaps in Israel-Palestine views subsisting.

  • Younger adults aged 18-24 (54%) are significantly more pro-Palestinian than older groups like those 65+ (21%).

  • Regionally, 41% of Londoners lean Palestinian compared to just 26% in the North of England.

  • Women (40%) are somewhat more likely than men (29%) to sympathize more with the Palestinian side.

2. There is now overwhelming support amongst Britons for an arms embargo against Israel.

  • 56% of Britons support the UK ending arms sales to Israel during the Gaza conflict, including 36% who strongly support an embargo.

  • Support for an arms embargo is highest among Labour (66%), Lib Dems (68%) and younger adults aged 18-24 (64%).

  • Regionally, Londoners (64%) are among the most supportive of halting UK weapons exports to Israel.

3. While sympathies tilt towards the Palestinian cause, there is widespread rejection of Hamas.

  • 29% sympathize more with Palestinians compared to 16% with Israel, but only 11% of pro-Palestinian sympathizers view Hamas favorably.

  • 77% of those leaning Palestinian view Hamas unfavorably, including 54% with a very unfavorable view.

  • Just 14% of pro-Palestinian sympathizers believe Hamas's October 7th attacks were justified.

4. The two-state model based on negotiated Israeli-Palestinian peace remains the most popular resolution.

  • 70% want Israel to negotiate with Hamas and 76% want Hamas to negotiate with Israel, indicating support for a negotiated two-state solution.

  • The two-state solution remains the most popular option across party, age and regional groups.

  • 83% of those sympathizing with Palestinians still prefer a two-state solution over expelling Israelis.

5. Partisan affiliation is a key factor shaping views towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Labour (42%) and Lib Dem (51%) voters are far more likely to sympathize with Palestinians over Israelis compared to just 12% of Conservatives.

  • This partisan divide extends to the arms embargo question, with Labour and Lib Dems overwhelmingly supportive.

Key Takeaways

Public opinion in Britain has shifted decisively against Israel's military actions in Gaza, with widespread support for an arms embargo. This represents a significant hardening of attitudes, with the public and government becoming increasingly critical of Israel's conduct during the latest conflict.

While Palestinian sympathies outweigh those for Israel, the British public broadly rejects Hamas's militant approach and violence against Israeli civilians. There is nuance in British views, with opposition to Hamas's tactics coexisting alongside solidarity with Palestinian aspirations.

The two-state solution continues to be seen as the most viable path to peace by a majority of Britons across political and demographic lines. Despite the tensions, most still ultimately favor a negotiated settlement establishing an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.


Survey of 2,072 British adults by YouGov from 7-8 May 2024. Results weighted to be nationally representative.

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